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Rolls and Grill was founded out of our love and passion for catering delicious food made with only the freshest ingredients to our local communities. We pride ourselves in creating flavors that will make your mouth sing. We also are known for our gorgeous presentations and exceptional catering services. Let us make your next event memorable, easy and have everyone raving about the cuisine. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Google Reviews

Hugh Jabahls

Been looking for bun bo hue in Bakersfield after seeing a video on youtube where a guy said this would be his last meal. Roll and Grill’s recipe didn’t disappoint. Would recommend

joey yamamoto

grilled pork banh mi sandwich is probably the best in bakersfield.has that charred flavor I love so much. pho soup is really good and veggie spring rolls are good too.service and staff are welcoming and helpful. one of my favorite places to eat in Bakersfield I highly recommend it


I've enjoyed everything I've ordered here. All of my orders have been for pickup including Chicken bowls and pho. The service has been great and pickup has been easy. I would still love to try the spring rolls and poke bowls.

Jenna Lynn Obenshain

One of the best places in town for quality pho and spring rolls. My personal recommendation is the rare steak pho with the grilled pork spring rolls. The Thai tea is delicious and they're quick enough for a lunch break while at work or a longer meal on the weekends or evenings.

frankie ascedo

Food was excellent fresh and relatively inexpensive for huge portions. Staff is friendly and very welcoming. 2 years after my first review I can only say this place has gotten better I recommend everyone try this place at least once and you will be hooked especially the spring rolls.

Karen Plotkin

Love the crunchy in the spring rolls,every time i go to Bakersfield i stop in for my classic pork and shrimp spring rolls, and shrimp vermicelli. Tried the bbq pork sandwich awesome, so yummy! I highly recommend Rolls and Grill. Keep up the awesome food you serve, love it!